Luxury Travel Talks was born at the time that Maria Laura detected the need from travel agencies to respond to a growing demand from travelers in search of new experiences, destinations, and more significant experiences to discover.

After an interview on his program Uptown Travel on Canal Uptown with three specialists in this segment, the idea arose to embark on this innovative proposal whose objective is to provide travel agencies with a meeting space to share concepts and what is new in travel trends, with different references who contribute their knowledge and where high-end suppliers have the possibility of making their products known, both national and international.

No doubt, the response from the trade and its repercussions showed a clear message about the need for this type of talks, as a tool to face many of the concerns that arise in their daily work.”

Maria Laura Romero Mirci

The Luxury Travel Talks brand is a registered trademark, and this is the beginning of other cycles where schools are sponsored through voluntary contributions from the participants.